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潜龙谍影 Casual HD User 0        
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(st)illgodson Road Warrior Queef 4 (st)illgodson's Avatar      
*mpl* Casual HD User 0        
*powerflower* Casual HD User 147        
+++MadMatt+++ Casual HD User 0        
+bladerunner+ Casual HD User 27        
-Alex Casual HD User 1        
-KILO- Casual HD User 0        
-Z- Casual HD User 0   Write something about yourself. Yes you. Go on. Tell me your dreams.Show timings:Monday - Friday: 11am to 12amWeekends: 1pm to 3amEncores not given.I am an anomaly in this monotony called life...I am what you get when you read between the lines...something that's lurking just out of sight. I am the absolute epitome of laziness and lethargy. I am part of the backroom staff...and all of this is so true, it's not even funny any more.I have this tendency of going off at right angles without any prior notice...I'll be talking about one thing and suddenly without warning i'll be talking about something completely different...That is why it is nigh impossible to carry on a decent conversation with me...The 2 things i cannot live without: sarcasm and humour...life without either would be unbearably and utterly dull...I've learnt over time that it is indeed the smaller things in life that matter most...And that the small things...done when you least expect...are what produce the most joy...life can be as ordinary as you want it to be...you can spend your entire life playing it safe...telling people the exact time of your flight every single time you visit them so they can be there to pick you upme? i'd rather land, take a taxi and turn up outside their house and ring the bell just to see the look on their faces...you'll never get a straight answer out of me...There will always be a reason for what i do. You might not realise it then, you might not realise it for years, but when you do, all my actions will make sense...The bane of human existence is their fear of the unknown...their love for walking the beaten path...I am a firm believer in having people realise the answer to their question themselves...At the same time, i wouldn't hesitate one bit to get them mad at me if it means them realising what they're doing wrong...Do I have a point with all of this? Yes. I feel that it is far better have loved and lost rather than going through life without knowing just what it's all about...I do indeed think that it is much better to burn out than to fade away...and yes i do know united is better than chelsea...UNITED FOR LIFE! Kuala LumpurManchester United Khalil Gibran, Gabriel García Márquez, Khalil Gibran, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. TolkSAP Consultant
...zed... Casual HD User 0        
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007 Casual HD User 1        
007300ZX Casual HD User 2 007300ZX's Avatar      
007james Casual HD User 8        
00893idqij Casual HD User 0        
01alpinekid Casual HD User 0        
01cranshawt Casual HD User 0        
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0321asiong Casual HD User 1        
038ok6j2f Casual HD User 0        
04-MINI Casual HD User 0        
04blackout Casual HD User 0        
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04rex Casual HD User 0        
06CaymanS Casual HD User 0        
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