Hey old friends,

If any of you are interested in participating in an online "dynasty" for NBA 2K12, I've set one up and would love to have you on board.

Details of the association are still coming together, but before you commit you must be aware of the following rules that are set:

- 12 Minute quarters (for realistic stats)
- Superstar difficulty
- 14 game season (so we can get through multiple seasons)
- Team selection order will be determined by lottery draft

If you are somebody who does not want to play in a league with CPU controlled teams, then keep looking for a league. We will most likely have CPU teams in our association. There are plenty of leagues out there promising 82 game seasons and 30 man league, but I promise less than one half of a percent of those leagues actually finish one year.

I am here, with the support of League Den, to provide a structured league environment for players of all skill level. I will implement as many interactive items as I can into our association to get you as immersed into our NBA world as possible.

The projected start date for our association is this Sunday, January 15th, so sign up ASAP!

Make some friends, play some games, and go for the championship...that's what we are all about.

Sign up here: http://leagueden.com/forums/league-o...-sign-ups.html

I think the only person I've seen playing this is Cheap, but I'd just thought I'd throw it out there.

Hope you are all doing good.