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Thread: JBL Pro. 3677 Cinema Speaker Review

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    Default JBL Pro. 3677 Cinema Speaker Review


    Originally published on Andrew-Robinson-Online.com



    What began as an experiment with professional amplifiers has turned into a bit of a passion for me -that is a passion for all things pro audio video. I’ve been in the specialty AV space for a decade now and in that time I’ve been privy to a number of so-called “truths,” among them that “fact” that all pro audio gear sucks. Prior to my experiment with Crown’s XLS Series of amplifiers I believed in this rather arcane view of professional equipment. I even went so far as to spread such nonsense to others, knowing full well I had no Earthly idea just what the hell I was talking about. I was naive, ignorant and my spreading of such misinformation was dangerous to a certain degree and is something that is far too common in the specialty AV space. But then I experienced professional gear for myself, and quickly I changed my tune. That doesn’t make professional equipment better it just makes it another solution to an end user’s potential problem. It’s an option, not necessarily the answer.

    Having enjoyed my time with the Crown XLS DriveCore amplifiers, it should come as no surprise that I would then shift my attention to professional loudspeakers, for what is an amplifier without a speaker to command? While it may appear somewhat biased toward Harman, the parent company of both Crown and JBL, my choosing to play with JBL’s 3677 Screen Channel Speaker (3677) had less to do with allegiance and more to do with personal comfort. Having been a projectionist and manager of the now defunct Mann Theaters, I’m somewhat familiar with JBL Cinema Speakers as they were what we used back in the day. They are also what I believe 80 plus percent of all commercial cinemas use. In other words, if you’re going to step out of the consumer AV space and play with a professionally sourced loudspeaker, why not go straight for arguably the reference standard? That was my thinking anyway.

    So what is the 3677 reviewed here? For starters the 3677 is JBL Professional’s smallest, two-way, loudspeaker designed for commercial cinema or large venue screening room use. It is passive, meaning unlike most professional loudspeakers, the 3677 must be connected to an outboard amplifier -be it a professional or consumer. The 3677 is designed to go behind an acoustically transparent screen, which is why it has no speaker grills nor features a fancy audiophile grade finish. Instead what you get is a flat black, MDF cabinet that houses a single 15 inch low frequency transducer mated to a 1 inch high frequency, horn loaded, compression tweeter. The 3677 itself is still rather large despite being the “baby” of the series; measuring just over 30 inches tall by nearly 26 inches wide and 11.5 inches deep. The 3677 is also quite heavy at 85 pounds, due in part to its robust cabinet construction and internal bracing. The speaker’s binding posts are located along the right side of the cabinet (facing the front of the speaker) and are of the barrier strip variety. This means those with esoteric cables terminated in either spade or banana adapters are going to have to either a) swap out the 3677′s installed barrier strip in favor of a more consumer friendly five-way binding post or b) switch your cables to bare wire.

    Getting back to the 3677′s drivers for a moment. The tweeter is actually a JBL 2416-1, pure titanium compression driver attached to a 2373 Flat-Front Bi-Radial horn good for a reported 90-degrees of horizontal dispersion and 40-degrees of vertical. The 15-inch woofer on the other hand is nothing more than a JBL 2035H, which is found and used elsewhere in JBL’s line up of speakers...


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    Default Re: JBL Pro. 3677 Cinema Speaker Review

    These speakers are the real deal. There is a mistake in the review. It claims that the CD is a 1in with a 1in horn opening. Its actually a 1.75in tweeter with a 1in horn opening.
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