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Thread: Parasound Halo A 21 Review

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    Default Parasound Halo A 21 Review


    Originally published on Andrew-Robinson-Online.com

    The heart of any two channel or home theater system is the amplifier. It provides the lifeís blood to your speakers, without which there would be no sound. But not all amplifiers are created equal nor or any two alike. Amplifiers come in all shapes, sizes, number of channels and power outputs. They also run the gamut in terms of price, which isnít always comparable to the level of performance, power, etc. that they produce. This is no doubt why many contest the ďvalueĒ of so-called high-end amplifiers, for how much better can one amplifier sound over another when seemingly the only difference between the two is price? I happen to believe there are differences between, say a $1,000 200-watt amplifier and a $10,000 amplifier with the same power rating. I also believe that justifying the differences rests not with the masses but rather the individual. Iím more attracted to products, specifically with relation to amplifiers, that fall somewhere in the middle. Not mid-fi mind you, but rather amplifiers that strike a balance between all the determining factors that go into what makes them good. This is why I chose to take a look at the Parasound Halo A 21 two channel amplifier; I wanted to see if it could pull off such a price-to-performance balancing act while striking an emotional chord with the listener.

    The A 21 retails for $2,300, which in my opinion puts it in the category of aspirational, yet still obtainable. While there are definitely less expensive options available to consumers, few high-end offerings manage to look as good as the A 21. The A 21 comes in your choice of silver or black (a new addition to the line) and in either finish the aluminum casework is striking. The front panel is the epitome of simplicity featuring a slightly sculpted front curve with round edges accented with a glowing Parasound logo and a pair of channel indicator lights and back-lit on/off button. Both sides of the A 21 are awash in rounded heat sink fins that lead the eye to the back panel, which is nearly as stylish as the ampís front -despite being a bit more adorned with connectors and controls.

    The back panel of the A 21 features two large handles to aid in rack mounting; the handles, while functional, also frame the ampís input/output options. Each channel has both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs as well as an unbalanced loop out convenience option. Each channel is also equipped with a variable gain knobs, which Iíll discuss in more detail later in this review. Between the inputs are three small toggle switches; one for ground lift, input type (balanced, unbalanced) and amplifier mode, i.e. stereo or bridged mono. The right and left pair of five-way binding posts rest along the bottom of the rear panel, to the right of which (looking at the back panel) resides the AC power receptacle. In the upper left corner there are options and inputs for auto turn on, including 12-Volt triggers as well as an audio signal sensing auto turn on switch.

    The amp itself is...


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    Default Re: Parasound Halo A 21 Review

    nice share,,,,good video...great job...

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