Originally published on Andrew-Robinson-Online.com

UltraHD/4K may have four times as many pixels as HD, but it may also come with four times as much fine print. In an recent article entitled; “DON’T Buy 4K UHD 84-in. TV” by Stewart Wolpin, he points out that manufacturers, specifically LG and Samsung, have begun placing some alarming disclaimers on their UltraHD products. I checked out Mr. Wolpin’s claims by visiting LG’s UHDTV’s mini site and sure enough came across this disclaimer:

“*No “ultra high definition” or “4K” video content is currently available. No broadcast or other standard currently exists for “4K” or “ultra high definition” television and the 84LM9800 may not be compatible with such standards if and when developed.”
At first blush the disclaimer doesn’t sound too alarming. It’s no secret that there is no UltraHD or 4K standard or format presently available; though the last bit, the part about the LG potentially not being compatible with a future standard, is. If true, and who’s to say it isn’t, that would make these first generation UltraHD sets little more than 1080p displays with upscaling capability. Think about it, since no UltraHD or 4K standard exists, and these displays are saying they may not be compatible when one comes calling, they’re little more than flat panel equivalents of JVC eShift projectors -meaning they’re all HD brother.

Why is this?