Samsung is turning to Tizen to power its smart TVs. According to an official statement issued by the company today, all Samsung smart TVs will now run on Tizen, an 0pen-source, Linux-based operating system (OS) developed and supported primarily by Samsung and Intel. Samsung’s actions have indicated it hopes Tizen might one day relieve its reliance on Android, but since the OS fist appeared in 2012, it’s been slow to catch on. After continual delays on Tizen-based phones and an uncertain future for Tizen-based smartwatches, this move is one of Samsung’s most significant milestones for the fledgling OS thus far.

The switch to Tizen might not seem momentous in the grand scheme of things, but considering Samsung’s Smart TV platform is arguably the most comprehensive and popular on the market, making this switch is a big deal. Samsung smart TVs boast more apps than any other platform, and that means that developers everywhere are going to have to modify their apps to work on the new OS. Fortunately, it appears the process will be mostly painless, as Samsung offers a guide for adapting existing apps to work on Tizen.