So I just saw my first Sony Z-Series in person today! It was the 65Z9D specifically and wow was it beautiful!
I had a chance to directly compare it to the Sony 75X940D in person and while the 940D is an amazing display to behold you could definitely see the difference here. For one thing the eye catching HDR brightness output level of the Z9D was just stunning, still can't believe how vivid it looked. I was watching this one lava scene on the 65Z9D with the sun shining in the background and it just looked like the real thing! The picture was so accurate and faithful to real world viewing conditions I was taken back by it. Looked like you were looking through a window or portal into the real thing, it was diffidently the next best thing to being their I would say. Additionally the deep inky black levels ware outstanding as well and it looked like you were staring at an OLED TV not an LED/LCD TV. This TV represents the panicle of the LED/LCD technology and with the Full-Array with Local-Dimming technology brought to the next level their really is nothing to complain about here!

However with that said, if I had to find something to complain about on this set it would be the off-axis viewing. True you will experience this on any LED/LCD display but it's more noticeable on this set because of the deep inky blacks it can produce when sitting directly in front of it. So to be completely fair I have to mention it here, and it is true many of you won't even care about this little issue as you really will have to be sitting in an extreme viewing angle regularly for this to be a problem for you.

PS: Anyway I just thought I'd share my thoughts on this display with you, it really was a treat to see in person and I was very impressed by it. In fact I thought want a nice upgrade this would be for my 70'' Sharp ELITE as they also make this Z9D in 75''!