Monster Hunter Tri Review

Meta Score: 85 = One awesome game on the Wii for all ages

Closing Comments
Monster Hunter Tri isn't a game for everyone. It's a dense product with a learning curve higher than most other Wii titles available. It requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from your mistakes. The challenges you'll face in Monster Hunter will seem insurmountable at times, but with the correct planning and skillful play you'll be able to slice your way through and move on to the next. Overcoming daunting obstacles is part of what makes playing Monster Hunter so rewarding, and the game gives you the option to do so offline by yourself or with friends. With an impressive online suite for social interaction and questing, Monster Hunter's deep gameplay and upgrade systems are made even better, letting you bask in the shared glory and benefits of bringing down enormous, dangerous beasts. Better yet, this version of the game can be played with minimal camera control frustration provided you're using a Classic Controller or Pro version, and is the prettiest entry in the franchise released outside of Japan. For those who prefer games that reward skill and offer huge amount of options for varied play style, character customization, and a vast amount of content, look no further. This is the best Monster Hunter yet, and even if there's still a lot that's familiar for franchise fans, it remains a totally unique and engrossing action-RPG experience.
This is on my very short list of Wii games I will buy at full retail, this game has local co-op and online co-op and get ready..... For those of you who will be going online you will not have to use THOSE STUPID FRIEND CODES!!!!!