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    Default Disco's Torchlight Review




    Dungeon Crawl RPG

    Clones. Not only do they wreak all kinds of havoc in the Star Wars universe, but we see them constantly in the video game industry. Everyone is always trying to make the next Halo, COD, Mario etc. And since 2000 plenty of people have tried to make a great Diablo clone. Diablo 2 was released by Blizzard, of Warcraft, Starcraft and World of Warcraft fame. Even Blizzard themselves have been hard at work created Diablo III and with their century long development times who knows when we will see that. The men behind the Diablo franchise didn't stay around for all that WoW fun, they moved on and created Runic Games and in turn Torchlight. A Diablo clone in every sense, but a pretty darn good one as you'd expect given the creators.

    Story and Presentation

    There isn't much to talk about here in terms of story. Torchlight is a town, you arrive in this town and away you go. Patrolling the caverns below the city you take up arms in the name of glory. The menu system is clean and simple, and instantly familiar to anyone who has played Diablo II.



    Torchlight isn't going to blow your mind in the graphics department, but it's a damn good looking game. A clean smooth running engine, and great art design are make this a looker. Anyone familiar with Blizzard's art style will be at home here, and this will run on almost any PC/MAC.


    Gameplay and Mechanics

    3 Classes of play may seem short, but they are infinitely deeper than their counterparts from other games of this ilk. Dungeons are randomly generated, so multiple playthroughs won't get too stale. You have a companion pet, who can carry the loot you want to sell back to town to prevent the need to run back. Plenty of fun, mindless in most cases but still fun.



    Wonderful score, blends into the game perfectly. Sound effects are crisp and don't bring on any level of annoyance. Voice acting is severe B movie quality here, but I have the feeling that is exactly what they were going for.



    Anywhere from 10-20 hours a play through depending on how much side stuff you do. Plenty of loot to collect, multiple classes, and random dungeons could keep you coming back for more.



    There is an awful lot to like here. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes this action style RPG. And at the low cost of $20 it's hard not to recommend it to everyone. I picked this up for only $10 on Steam during the Steam for Mac opening sale. Would love for this to have multiplayer, but alas it does not still though for the price of entrance here it's a bargain that's hard to beat.


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