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Thread: Disco's Final Fantasy XIII Review

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    Default Disco's Final Fantasy XIII Review


    Final Fantasy XIII

    PS3, XBOX 360

    Rated T for Tons of Melodrama

    I grew up playing the Final Fantasy games. All the way back to the NES. I have played and completed each one of them. That's a lot of hours spent in Square Enix land. FF13 released this past March on PS3 and XBox 360. I reviewed the game on PS3, the 360 version is the same though it does require disc swaps due to the limited size of DVD. And the graphics on the 360 version are slightly less sharp.

    I'm not really able to give this game the glowing review that I wanted to. And the reason is the story. Normally this is the FF series strong point. It's just not this time around, well at least not the last 25% of the game. It plays out beautifully through most of the game only to fall apart and become completely convoluted near the end. And that wound up leaving a sour taste in my mouth. And the story is far too complex to even begin trying to explain here in my little reviews.

    As far as the battle system goes it's top notch, fighting is fast, fun and very strategic. And it plays out beautifully on the screen. The graphics are phenomenal, as is the sound.

    This is really all I have to say about it. I don't feel many people here would be interested in this game. If your a fan of the FF series, then by all means pick it up. If your not I see no reason to recommend it to you.

    Story and Presentation

    As I've already said the story is the weak spot here. It starts and carries beautifully but falls apart at the end. The presentation of that story is still top notch. No one really touches Square when it comes to epic story telling and that comes through here. But the story let down will keep this score lower.



    This is seriously the most beautiful game ever made. It looks better in motion than most games CGI cutscenes, and the CGI cutscenes would make Pixar go back to the drawing board. Unlike most games that look great, but have bleak settings. This is all color, and wow it's simply amazing on 60" of Kuro.



    The voice acting is great as Square always makes it. Though it can be covered in some cheese. This is Japanese after all. The score is fantastic, though not as great as other entries in the series. I'll score it based on that, though it's still far better and varied than most games.



    New twist on the turn based action of previous FF games. Action here takes pace quick, and you must be on your toes to make it through tougher fights. The great gameplay kept me going through the story's later phases.



    It took me 50 hours to beat it. That's a lot of gameplay. And far more than comes with most games. It could have taken me a lot long had I been more of a completist. Lots of game for your money here.



    O.K. so I haven't really scored the game all that low. A poor FF is still better than most RPG's out there. Though JRPGS are a totally different animal than their American made brethren. I LOVED 75% of this game. That's pretty damn good really considering how many I never come close to finishing. I think I'm still just a bit let down based on what it could have been.

    If your a FF fan get it. If your not there is nothing here to suddenly make you one.


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